About our company


Just pay is a tokenized closed-end fund which built an innovative cryptographic audit technology to become the first truly transparent and dedicated to crypto currencies and tokens. It is made to reduce the risks and technical barriers of investing in the blockchain space.

It is a new generation crypto currency which introduces an innovative token as a service business model allowing investors to subscribe to the funds income stream and is built on profit sharing smart contract.

Why choose Just pay Coin

E-commerce : Future proof solutions to work with the best available technology.

Third party integrations : No third party involvement between the users.

Retail sectors : useful for retail sectors for buying for selling purpose.

P2P payment : peer to peer payment system with no intermediaries in between.

Applied UI : The means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

Single currency : No fears of Flat currency exchange rates, use just pay coin for it.

No barriers : send and receive international payments without any third party involvement.

Low fees : increase the efficiency of transactions with low fees.

No middleman : easy person to person direct transfers without middleman

Big data : we bridge the gap between data management and technology.

SSL : SSL protected secure and fastest network with manages ecosystem.

Open AI : Open AI could unlock better livings with robust technology.

Who We are?

Just Pay Coin is different from other cryptocurrencies as Just Pay Coin is based on advanced proof of stake technology unlike old proof of work technology.

Just pay Coin allow users to mine independently as it is the system which is hard to commute and easy to verify. The blockchain system limits the exploitation of cryptocurrency mining.

Just pay Coin has the advanced POS method of blockchain to store all the transactions that occurred. Where POS or POW are different method or we can say algorithm but are used to achieve consensus on which block will be added next to the blockchain.

Just Pay Coin uses POS method as it requires users that have hold a lot of coins to determine the next block where other cryptocurrencies which used POW method is old as it requires proof that work of some kind occurred. It requires burning an external resource while POS does not

Just Pay Coin is based on POS method because it is free to stake or add new blocks to the blockchain. So you use it to stake several similar coins at the same time. With POS, the rich get richer which means the more coins you have, the higher stake you have, meaning higher rewards. Through POS method, Just Pay Coin becomes the best cryptocurrency wallet as POS has many benefits such as:

  • • Proof of stake (POW) the creator of new block is chosen in a deterministic way, depending on its wealth, also defined as stake.
  • • There is no block reward, so the miners take the transaction fees.
  • • Proof of stake currencies can be several thousand times more cost effective.

All these benefits make Just Pay Coin the best ICO to invest and the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Just Pay Coin saves any computer system from hacker attacks with the help of POS method. So the conclusion is that the Just Pay Coin provides everything to user from saving money to trading and mining as well as doing payment and transactions.

How We Can Help You

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